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Howdy Y'all

Your friendly UX Designer

I'm a UX Designer passionate about the way people perceive and interact with the world around them.

I currently work as a freelancer and offer my services to a broad range of clients.

Previously I have held many titles, such as UX Designer, CRO Specialist, Design & Project Manager, Content Creator, Personal Trainer, and more, which involved remote work, traveling throughout the world, and living in various different countries.

These diverse roles and experiences have opened myself to new perspectives that I would have never learned about otherwise and has made me very adaptive to new environments.

I studied at Clemson University where I gained a great deal of design knowledge and completed my Bachelors in Landscape Architecture in 2015.  

Nic in Dalat Vietnam with dog.JPG
nic in borneo malaysia
nic on hike with Mt Cook in background

Fun Things About Me

  • I speak English, French, Spanish, and German fluently.

  • I have lived and worked in 4 different continents

  • I'm a Rescue Scuba Diver

  • I'm a Certified Personal Trainer

  • I lived in a van for almost a year while in NZ

  • I did volunteer work for 4 months in Borneo

Things I Enjoy

  • I love traveling and learning about new cultures

  • Videography and being creative!

  • Adrenalin, the outdoors, anything that gets me moving

  • Socializing

  • Learning, learning, and more learning!

  • Sociology, Psychology, and Philosophy

Nic hiking Mt Taranaki in NZ
volunteer in borneo malaysia
laying in hammock with my camper van in NZ
scuba diving in malaysia

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