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Remote EMDR Therapy 

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Feb 2022 - Jun 2022



Lead UX Designer



User research, customer interviews, wireframing, prototyping

The Problem... had grown and wanted to update their therapy tool to provide a premium paid service to therapists.

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The Goal...

Provide an easy-to-use interface for therapists and practitioners of EMDR therapy.

Previous BilateralStimulation tool ...



The founders wanted to launch a premium paid version of their tool, but found their current version looked basic and needed to be refined.

Important factors to consider ...



Many of the therapists may be unfamiliar with more technical software, and so we needed to ensure that the tool was straightforward and easy to use, while also offering more advanced features for those who wanted them.



The current version was very basic and lacked a premium feel. Before making BilateralStimulation a paid service, we had to ensure that therapists felt they were using a premium product which functioned seamlessly.



Since therapists were using this tool, we had to ensure that the features provided were aligned with best practices and that things such as client information was kept private as to prevent any issues with confidentiality.

Research & loads of iterations...

I had to perform research on EMDR therapy to understand how the tool should be designed. I looked through survey data that the founders had retrieved from current users.


After talking to the founders as well to understand what they wanted, I began to create many paper wireframes. 

This process allowed us to go over many ideas quickly. 

After several iterations on paper, we moved to digital lofi wireframes on Figma.

Lofi_Desktop - 1.png

Testing our design...

To ensure that the platform was going to be well received, we gathered over 10 current users and performed moderated usability tests with them.

In other words, we had them navigate through a prototype and gathered feedback to understand what worked well, what could be improved, and what we could add as additional features in the future.

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Putting everything together...

After getting feedback from users, we needed to create a design system for the tool. 

We did several iterations of different colors and styles and after multiple iterations, we found one that worked well and helped distinguish themselves from competitors. 

Desktop - 20_2x.png

Check it out yourself...

Check out yourself, it's free to use.

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