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User-Testing Platform

Conversion Crimes is a small user testing platform (and startup) based in California that serves mostly small business ecommerce and SaaS clients.


The team at Conversion Crimes is fully remote and multi-disciplinary. 

My main role in the company was that of UX Lead, but I held many other roles as well. These included client management / customer relations and Conversion Rate Optimization, among others.

Note: My work at Conversion Crimes is protected under an NDA, so I may not discuss any specifics when it comes to projects or clients, but I will discuss the tools and skills I used during my employment.



Nov 2021 - Feb 2023



Lead UX Designer



User testing, customer interviews, analytics, client management

Conversion Crimes

Main Tasks & Responsibilities

User Testing
  • Unmoderated usability tests

    • Writing, reviewing, and launching tests on the platform.

    • Watching recordings of users and deriving insights to include in our reports.

  • Customer Interviews

    • Inviting, scheduling, and performing customer interviews.​

    • Transcribing and providing summaries of customer interviews.

  • Surveys

    • Creating and launching email surveys​

Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Website Teardowns

    • Go over websites and suggest UX and CRO best practices to clients.

    • Write reports with findings.

  • Case Studies

    • Plan, write, and launch case studies to study user behavior on ecommerce websites.

  • HotJar

    • Creating and launching surveys.​

    • Looking over heatmaps and recordings to understand user behaviors.

  • Google Analytics

    • Look at demographics and user traffic to understand trends.​

    • Looking at device split to determine where design and testing efforts should be focused.

Customer Relations
  • Managing customers

    • Planning, communicating, and performing tasks for custom clients.

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Tools & Skillsets 

  • Communication

    • Loom

    • Zoom

      • Fathom AI (notetaking)​


    • Calendly

  • Testing

    • Conversion Crimes Platform

    • WordPress

    • Optimal Workshop (Tree Testing)

  • Analytics

    • Google Analytics​

    • HotJar

  • Productivity 

    • Google Docs​

    • Google Sheets

    • Notion

    • Airtable

    • Jira

  • Design

    • Figma

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Take a look at Conversion Crimes...

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